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An Extra Hand at
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A Caring Approach to Applying for Probate

Squiggle always takes a caring and understanding approach to probate. Simply give us a call and we’ll help you understand whether or not you need to apply for probate and what to expect. This is a no-cost, no-obligation service.

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What is Probate?

“Probate” is the legal expression that is applied to the full procedure of settling a person’s estate after they die.

A grant of probate is part of the estate administration process. When you apply for and receive a grant of probate, in effect you receive a document that demonstrates your legal right to administer somebody’s estate.

Whether or not you need a Grant of Probate from the Probate Office all depends on who will be looking after the assets of the individual after their passing. For example, Land Registry looks after all property ownership and they will nearly always require a Grant of Probate.

Banks and building societies looking after the deceased person’s cash assets will require a Grant of Probate if the deceased person’s holdings hold between £5,000 and £50,000 with them. However, bear in mind that each institution is different.

Squiggle provides 3 tailor-made services, designed for your specific requirements:

Option 1

No Obligation Call/Email Option

If you’re looking to take care of the process yourself and you still have some questions, feel free to get in contact and we’d be happy to cover off any areas you’re not sure about. There is no charge for this service.

Option 2

Grant Only Probate

Squiggle will complete the application form on your behalf and take care of the entire application process. Once we receive approval, we’ll rubber stamp the legal documentation. We charge a fixed fee for this service.

Option 3

Full Estate Administration

Squiggle will take care of the entire estate administration process and make contact with organisations on your behalf such as mortgage providers, banks and pension institutions. Squiggle will distribute the estate to beneficiaries upon settlement. Squiggle normally charges a commission for this service.

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